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End the Censorship

Section 230 Description: “Section 230” colloquially refers to 47 U.S.C. Section 230(c), or the “Good Samaritan” clause of the Communications Decency Act.[1] Enacted in 1996, these provisions generally shield internet platforms (eg. Facebook) and users from being treated as the publisher of another entity’s speech.  In practice, this essentially means that if “Person X” were to make defamatory statements about “Person Y” on Facebook, “Person X” may be liable for his speech, not Facebook. Section 230 also shields internet platforms from liability when they are voluntarily acting in good faith to restrict access to certain objectionable material.

For the full memorandum from RSC on reforming Section 230, click here.

[1] 47 U.S.C. 230 (1996)


Media Mentions:

Breitbart- EXCLUSIVE: GOP Memo to Members of Congress Prioritizes Tech Censorship

  • The Republican Study Committee, the largest ideological caucus in the House of Representatives with 125 members, is making tech censorship a priority following the mass banning of conservatives including President Donald Trump in recent days.