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Oct 2, 2020
Press Release




WASHINGTON – Today, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) – the largest caucus of conservatives in the House of Representatives – Chairman Mike Johnson (LA-04) and RSC National Security and Foreign Affairs Task Force Chairman Joe Wilson (SC-02) applauded the work and recommendations of the China Task Force,led by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) and RSC member and House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Michael McCaul (TX-10), to counter Chinese Communist Party (CCP) aggression. Their report included recommendations from the RSC National Security Strategy: Strengthening America & Countering Global Threats (click here to view the full proposal) like sanctioning the United Front Work Department, enhancing the U.S.’s ability bring cases of IP theft forward, encouraging the completion of free trade agreements with allies, and protecting our universities from CCP propaganda, among others. 


“It’s encouraging that progress is being made to hold the CCP, one of the greatest threats to the U.S. and all of the free world, accountable for its years of aggression,”  said Johnson. “Many of our recommendations in the RSC National Security Strategy have already been implemented by President Trump, with some being made into law, and we are appreciative that the China Task Force has also included some of our top recommendations in its report as well. The CCP’s malign influence in the U.S. will come to an end, and it started right here, with the help of this Administration and Republican policies.”


"I applaud the China Task Force for their report urging important actions be taken against the Chinese Communist Party,” said Wilson. “As Chairman of the Republican Study Committee’s National Security and Foreign Affairs Task Force, I am grateful that the China Task Force has included over a dozen major initiatives that were recommended by our National Security Strategy report back in June. We can no longer stand by while the CCP continues their harmful efforts against the United States and on the world stage." 


List of RSC recommendations included in the China Task Force report: 


  1. Create a new sanctions authority to sanction the United Front Work Department of the CCP
  2. Enhance the ability to bring cases for IP theft by ensuring the Defend Trade Secrets Act applies extraterritorially
  3. Require the Department of the Treasury to produce an annual report identifying companies that have stolen or benefited from stolen IP from U.S. companies
  4. Require the Department of Defense research grant applicants to certify that no recipients have ever participated in a Chinese talent recruitment program
  5. Enact the Safe Career Transitions for Intelligence and National Security Professionals Act
  6. Enact the Promoting Secure 5G Act
  7. Enhance FARA to eliminate loopholes for agents of companies affiliated with the CCP
  8. Enact the South China Sea and East China Sea Sanctions Act 
  9. Enact the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act
  10. Amend the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to allow suits against foreign states’ corporate affiliates under the law’s commercial activity exception
  11. Enact the Protect our Universities Act
  12. Enact the Countering the Chinese Government and Communist Party’s Political Influence Operations Act
  13. Encourage the completion of free trade agreements with democratic partners countering China including India, Taiwan, Japan, and others
  14. Pressure the United Nations to increase its employment of U.S. nationals
  15. Compete to win in international organizations by coordinating with other countries to back the election of U.S. and U.S.-supported candidates for leadership within the UN system
  16. Push for Taiwan’s inclusion in international organizations
  17. Require institutions of higher education to disclose gifts above $50,000
  18. Counter Chinese influence in international bodies including the World Health Organization