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Jul 25, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, the Steering Committee of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) took an official position against the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2019 which will add nearly $2 trillion to the federal debt over the next 10 years. The legislation fails to meet any of the conditions adopted by the Steering Committee last week.


Chairman Mike Johnson (R-La.) and the RSC Steering Committee released the following statement:


“It is terribly disappointing that Democrats in Congress rejected even modest proposals from the White House to rein in excessive and wasteful government spending. What has resulted is a massive spending deal that will further indebt future generations and remove reasonable safeguards to prevent the growth of government and the misuse of taxpayer dollars. Our nation is more than $22 trillion in debt and simply cannot afford reckless measures like this one.


“The RSC appreciates the administration’s effort in proposing more than $500 billion in offsets, and we hold Democrats accountable for their gross negligence in exacerbating Washington’s out-of-control spending. The RSC will continue to insist upon a return to fiscal responsibility and will work closely with the administration to move the ball forward. We must fix the broken process that got us here.”




The RSC Steering Committee took an official position last week to adopt requirements for any agreement to raise the discretionary spending caps as outlined in a letter by the RSC Budget and Spending Task Force to congressional leadership. 


The letter urged adherence to the current-law discretionary spending caps for FY 2020 and FY 2021 for base spending and resolved to reject any caps deal unless it is fully offset, enacts a long-term spending control and does not irresponsibly swell the size of the federal discretionary budget.


Johnson and RSC Budget and Spending Task Force Chairman released an earlier statement regarding on-going negotiations.


Johnson also released a statement on the results of those negotiations.