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RSC Unveils Conservative Immigration Framework

Apr 14, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, the RSC announced that the RSC Steering Committee took an official position opposing the Biden immigration agenda and put forth a conservative immigration framework. The framework will help conservatives explain how Biden policies have created the current crisis and how the conservative position on immigration would fix it.

The steering committee statement is being released after eight members of the Republican Study Committee, led by RSC Chairman Rep. Jim Banks (IN-03) and Rep. Tony Gonzales (TX-23), visited the southern border last week to see the crisis firsthand.

Upon returning from the trip, Chairman Banks put together a memo explaining what the group saw and included recommendations for fixing it.

The RSC Steering Committee statement follows the memo’s recommendations:

“In a matter of months, the Biden administration created a full-blown crisis on our southern border. Biden’s immigration agenda places the interests of the American People behind the interests of illegal aliens, criminal cartels, and ultra-wealthy multinational corporations by rejecting responsible limits or controls on the number of people entering the country, even during a global pandemic. The RSC Steering Committee opposes Biden’s open borders agenda and will work to block all efforts to achieve it, including by rejecting requests for funding that would facilitate any aspect of it.

“By contrast, we believe U.S. immigration policy should be designed to primarily serve the interest of American citizens, families, and workers. We embrace these principles:

  • Immigration policy should protect our national security by protecting the American people from terrorism, cartels, and other threats to their safety;
  • Immigration policy should prioritize American workers, help grow our middle class, raise wages, and enhance economic opportunity for all lawful residents;
  • Immigration policy should respect the rule of law, along with immigrants that honor our legal immigration processes, rather than incentivize law breaking;
  • Immigration policy should aim to assimilate legal immigrants into the American family so they too can take pride in our values, history, and heritage.

“An immigration policy that embraces these principles would lead to a safer, more secure, more prosperous, and more united country.”